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The members of the research team are listed below (in alphabetical order), including a short bio, the general research lines, the specific research lines in the area of entrepreneurship and social innovation and the teaching profile.


Managing Director Keymon ventures
Sebastián Aparicio
Serra Húnter Assistant Professor (Department of Business)
Associate professor (Department of Business)
Carme Casablancas
Full professor (Department of Business)
External professor (Department of Business)
Miquel Domènech
Full professor (Department of Social Psychology)
External professor (Department of Economics and Economic History)
Anna Fajula
Serra Húnter Assistant Professor (Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Audiovisual Communication)
Rosa Garcia
External professor (Department of Applied Economics)
Tatiana López
PhD candidate (Department of Business)
José López Vicario
Associate Professor (Department of Telecommunications and Systems Engineering)