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Objectives and research lines

The main purpose of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Research (CREIS) is to deepen in the analysis of entrepreneurship and social innovation, advancing both the understanding of the phenomenon, the methodologies and conceptual frameworks used, and the practical implications.

Specifically, the aim is to:

Objective 1: To analyze the factors that influence entrepreneurship and social innovation, and their impact (labor market, business results, economic and social development, technology, criminology, creativity, ethics, etc.);

Objective 2: To study entrepreneurship and social innovation from different perspectives (anthropology of labor, criminology, science and technology, advertising, sociology of the environment, social networks, etc.);

Objective 3: To provide the necessary technological resources that allow a substantial improvement in the collection and management of the data in order to achieve objectives 1 and 2, and at the same time facilitate the development of proposals derived from this analysis, in the field on entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Additionally, CREIS will transfer knowledge to associations, social enterprises, public administration, and to the different ecosystem agents related to the world of entrepreneurship and social innovation.

The following are the lines of research related to these goals.


Research streams related to objective 1 (Determinants and consequences of entrepreneurship and social innovation):

• Social enterprises: strategy, governance, business model (digital), finance, etc.

• Institutional factors and social entrepreneurship

• Diversity in social entrepreneurship (international, women's, intrapreneurship, at school, tourism companies, etc.)

• Social entrepreneurship and economic and social development

• Second opportunity entrepreneurship and social repercussions

• Social and Solidarity Economy


Research streams related to objective 2 (Different perspectives on entrepreneurship, and social innovation):

• Ethnography of social entrepreneurship, personal networks and anthropology of labor

• Participatory techniques in the field of creation and design, citizen science and ethics of science and technology

• Creativity as a strategic value in the post-truth era, Advertising innovation and new marketing paths, culture and advertising.

• Sociology of the environment: socio-environmental conflicts and participation

• Social entrepreneurship and criminology


Research streams related to objective 3 (Technology resources and data in the field of entrepreneurship and social innovation):

• Technology and social entrepreneurship

• Data analysis and machine learning for social business decision-making

• Data mining and machine learning for life sciences

• Data analysis and deep learning in health

• Analysis of the environmental and social impact of the circular economy

• Autonomy as the basis of innovation. Technology and feedback in automatic decision-making


To develop these lines of research, there is an interdisciplinary and highly skilled academic team of researchers from different faculties / centers and departments of the UAB.


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