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The Master in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEINS) contributes in terms of teaching, research, and transfer of knowledge to society in the field of social entrepreneurship. Teaching, based on the different modules of the master's degree; research, based on the TFMs (and possible doctoral theses derived from the TFMs); transfer of knowledge, based on external internships and the projects developed there.

The MEINS seeks to:

1. Promote and develop activities related to entrepreneurship and social innovation.

People with transformative ideas need to be trained, and receive the specific tools to develop their projects. The social and solidarity economy sector, and in general any social transformation initiative, has a strong vocational and altruistic component. This is the reason why we need to ensure that ideas and initiatives that contribute to improving the well-being of society are viable, and can go beyond specific experiences.

2. Stimulate the two-way transfer of entrepreneurship and social innovation from the university to society, and from society to the university, in a participative, inclusive and diverse context.

Students will go through mandatory internships that will connect their education with daily practice in public administrations, companies and various entities. In addition, they will have to complete a TFM that links with the projects developed during the curricular internships, consolidating their learning.

3. Awareness of society in general, and students in particular, about entrepreneurship and social innovation.

The development and participation of the academic community (faculty, students, and even administration and service staff) in transformative initiatives need to be encouraged. Although the entrepreneurship culture has a long way to go in the academic community, there are very active groups that regularly invite the university's teaching staff and office workers, to propose and explore the launch of new activities and projects. The MEINS aims to channel these concerns in a transversal manner and provide technical and training to these groups that act as a real catalyst for ideas and proposals for business creation and projects launching.