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About eines

The Espai Innova in Social Entrepreneurship (eines) is a project to promote and support entrepreneurship and social innovation led by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), and developed in collaboration with its social, administrative and productive environment. The aim of eines is narrowing the synergies between university and society in a dynamic and sensitive field such as social transformation and the improvement of well-being. This project is structured in different lines of action in research, training and transfer.  Eines is willing to work for social impact closely linked to the territory, and in cooperation with the different entities: from the administration local public, cooperatives, ethical banking, foundations and other non-profit organizations (NGOs) to start-ups and social enterprises.


This project is part of the 2030 strategic plan, approved by the UAB faculty on 27 February 2019, which identifies six strategic or structural lines of action with a view to strengthening the UAB’s situation in the medium and long term. The second of these six lines of action emphasizes "responsibility in social transformation through the generation and transfer of knowledge." In this line, three strategic objectives are established, the second is to "generate an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem at the UAB". This goal is accompanied by the so-called operational objectives, which are as follows: "(1) to make students and companies interact in the effort to promote social transformation; (2) to have spaces, tools and platforms to achieve the interaction of students with companies, institutions and citizens